About Emily
Owner, Virtual Trainer- HIIT
Fort Leavenworth, KS
Emily is a mom of three, a twin momma and military spouse. She started H6 FITNESS back in 2014 after having her daughter and realizing that trying to find friends, get healthy & keeping a routine as a military spouse & momma was very difficult. So, she created a place where military spouses could find a health & fitness routine that was just as adaptable & transient as you are, because that's what you need. She believes in butt kicking workouts, giving 110%, but also having grace on days that your child needs you, you are solo - parenting, or you're PCS'ing again, and meeting yourself where you can. She asks that you always give your best, even when that's modified. She created workouts that welcome all fitness levels to give your best. Emily teaches a fun, up-beat HIIT style class but, she offers modification alternatives to meet you at your fitness level and supports you to progress quickly.

Being a military spouse, her family is required to move a lot and thus she was having to leave behind her community at each duty station. In January of 2020, she launched her online programs and community that quickly expanded across the country. Now with 5 chapters, and an online virtual studio, H6 FITNESS is becoming a larger and stronger community helping military spouses feel strong, healthy, encouraged, empowered and confident in this transient life.  Are you ready to join your community?

Virtual Trainer- HIIT
Dieterich, IL

Virtual Trainer - HIIT

Accountability Coach
Swartz Creek, MI

Virtual Trainer - HIIT & Yoga
Dallas, TX

Accountability Coach
Fort Sill, OK

Accountability Coach
Fort Irwin, CA